Informational Manual for Office 2021 and Its Makeover

Microsoft Office was the starting point for the evolution of working ways in the future and when you look at your life today, you’ll know that the future is here. It is hard to even imagine our lives without the functionality of Microsoft Office, now. Or in other words, we don’t really remember what life was like when we didn’t know about the Office applications. These applications have been designed to help people with completing their tasks on a computer and maximize work productivity. You will be able to create and edit documents with desirable texts and images, work with calculations and spreadsheets, access and manage databases, and so much more. Here, in this read, we’ll walk you through its journey of updated versions that finally led to Microsoft Office 2021. You should know that the Covid-19 pandemic played a very significant role in designing the software and the new work from home culture has been the key element of focus.

Versions of Microsoft Office updates

Microsoft Office has been constantly evolving and it is transparent when you look back at its journey. When you begin at the initial point, you’d see that all the Office applications are designed to achieve different goals and client utility but they had a few features that drip of unity. One look at the applications and you could tell that these belong to one single brand. And the features that made it possible can be named as the ribbon bar, the screen tips, the smart tags, common tab and the help option. Also, with every updated version, these applications came out strong with newly added features to help people with completing and managing their tasks. Be it the 2013 version, the 2016 version, the 2019 version, the online subscription-based version, or the very new 2021 version- you can only experience more and more feasibility and flexibility with each one of them.

Know about Office 2021 and Office 2022

Well, so far, there aren’t any formal announcements or even rumor’s for any upcoming updates in the Microsoft versions for 2022. However, we believe that Microsoft constantly works on making the user experience better every day. And although the Office 2021 version made its entrance, it would be wrong if we entirely rule out the possibility.

Office 2021 with its new features and improvements

The first thing you ought to know is that there are two versions of the MS Office 2021 update- one is “Home and Student 2021” and the other is “Home and Business 2021”. They have different pricing based on the features you get access to with each version. The student’s version has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams and OneNote along with being available for both Mac and other computers. The business version features all of the above-mentioned applications along with the availability to use Office for your business. Given below are the updates that some of the Office Applications came out with the launch of Office 2021 that you can easily get by undergoing a simple activation procedure at

Microsoft Office Excel 2021

  • XLOOKUP search makes information search in tables and ranges easy.
  • XMATCH function for searching relative item locations

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2021

  • Record Slide Show option for presenter video, ink, and laser pointer
  • Ink strokes and visualization option for more efficient presentations
  • Authority to order rearrangements of slide elements and screen reading

Microsoft Office Word 2021

  • Compatible with OpenDocument(ODF) version 1.3
  • Updated Draw Tab version and performance improvement tools


The detailed read above has been prepared for you to come across the newest Office 2021 version that Microsoft has developed for improving our work performance and maximizing productivity throughout the world. Going through the informative read, you had learned about the journey of Microsoft Office versions over the years, some details on what we hope for the future version, and the changes or feature additions in a few of the Office applications- Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word.

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